Friday, October 26, 2012

Her eyes

  Author: rocksta
Title: her eyes
Album: we are the world

remember all the things that we’ve talked about
yeah, her eyes
I am talking about her eyes
there is something about her eyes yeah yeah


talking about those eyes
those eyes yea

if I were to change your face there is not a thing I’d touch
I would leave everything the way it is yea yeah

the way you walk reminds me of when I am on stage singing
looking at the crowd with their big smiles in their faces

wave your hands baby

you know love songs are all I’ve got
I ma shoot them all to you

I won’t stop until you laugh and smile

I gotta tell you how she handles business
I say baby yeah
go ahead and run for president

I wouldn’t do a thing to try to change a thing
I’d leave everything the way it is

my woman
talking about my woman is the best one ever ever ever
yea yeah

that is true because I know
let us do no argument
because I do know what I know
I do know what I know
I know this woman very well
 yea yea yeah

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write you this love song baby
I could find a word to describe this woman
since you know that I love you
I will tell you what I will do
I will talk about it in this song
it’s gonna be about love also

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